Knock-Knock™ is a mobile app giving you access to RateFinder™, a precise, comparative rating software built to deliver 99% accuracy. This helpful tool compares insurance estimates from over 50 top-rated Carriers.

With Knock-Knock™ potential savings are just moments away, and the process is quite simple… just tell us;

  1. The address you want to compare.
  2. The age of the roof
  3. And finally, choose an appropriate credit rating for your client

From here, the information entered is triangulated from a vast data base containing millions of insurance premiums. Offering you confirmation of the best rates offered by top-rated Carriers for any home, anywhere.

The next steps are easy…

  1. If RateFinder™ offers no comparable savings for your client, rest assured they already have among the lowest premiums available.
  2. If RateFinderTM does offer savings, press ‘Receive Quotes’, and a qualified insurance agent will reach out to provide your client with the savings found.

Finally… a better way to insure, just Click and Save!