Knock-Knock Pro is a network referral platform designed to drive productivity and sustainable growth for our Real Estate, Insurance, Mortgage and Title partners. Knock-Knock Pro is the first of its kind to provide a valuable resource for those in the Real Estate Industry.

We are here to streamline the referral process for Real Estate Agents, their clients and the professional services utilized for obtaining a Mortgage Loan during the home buying process and securing a Title during the home selling process. Our app is accompanied by a CRM that monitors the status of every referral throughout the process from the time it is input into Knock-Knock, to the day that the Client closes. The automated features of our platform that are built around the referral status will allow for the end user to be relieved of the administrative burdens of texting, emailing and back-and-forth communication regarding the status of referrals in the pipeline.

When utilizing Knock-Knock you save valuable time, grow your client base, stay well informed, and remain the expert for your clients by providing vetted assistance from start to finish! If you are interested in becoming a Real Estate, Insurance, Mortgage or Title partner, schedule a call with us to learn more about our network referral platform.

We look forward to working with you!

The Knock-Knock Team
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