Real Estate Agents have the most contact and influence with perspective home buyers and the trust you gain in that relationship often leads to a referral for insurance, mortgage, and title services. It is time for those referrals to help grow your business and get more listings.

Knock-Knock wants to turn your insurance, mortgage, and title referrals directly into FREE marketing. We believe your hard work deserves to be rewarded and an ideal relationship is mutually beneficial. The more you utilize our FREE mobile application to refer your mortgage and title leads, the more FREE marketing you earn, and this means more potential customers and more potential listings.


Knock-Knock wants to partner with you as your platform for mortgage and title referrals with no cost to you. We do not charge for our mobile application, and we do not charge for participation in our FREE marketing program.

Simply refer your customers to mortgage and title vendors through our platform and receive enough points for each successful referral. Once you accumulate enough points, you can create your own customized marketing postcard, select your targeted area, submit, and we will take care of the rest.

Once you sign up, you will have a personal account and dashboard where you can track all submitted leads and referrals. Your dashboard also allows you to create your own marketing material and track each individual campaign.


We created Knock-Knock to facilitate an equitable, mutually beneficial lead generation and sharing platform to connect and benefit vendors for real estate, mortgage and title services. The real estate agent is responsible for marketing themselves, develops a relationship with the buyer, and refers these buyers to trusted mortgage and title companies but doesn’t receive anything in return. We want to change that and grow our businesses together, as partners.

Knock-Knock owns and operates our own marketing company, which allows us the unique ability and expertise to track your activity through our platforms and reward your partnership with FREE, proven marketing strategies, so you can get more listings and more closings.


Please select the link below to sign up for an introductory call where we will provide you with the tools to be successful! In the meantime, if you have questions or would like to speak to a Knock-Knock team member, please send us an email at administrator@knock-knock.com or call us at (832) 974-0201.